SEO?!? What even is that?!?

So yeah… SEO is still an unknown quantity for most folks. Paying for specific marketing, like TV ads or radio spots, makes a lot more sense to most customers. They can see exactly what they’re paying for, it’s easy to understand, and it gets immediate results. The huge downside, though, is that once you stop paying, the customers stop calling. Also, if you want to bring in more clients over time, you’ll need to pay more and more.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, concentrates on bringing your website to the front page of Google so that customers will call you WITHOUT having to spend money on ads. Think about your own personal experience the last time you looked for a… plumber, let’s say. When the search results page popped up, what did you click on? Did you click one of the ads near the top, or did you pick a listing from the map and/or the organic results? Most people trust Google to show them the best options and steer away from the ads. Can you see why this is where you would want your business listing to appear? Here’s a quick statistic for you – 80% of the business goes to the top 3 organic results for the average niche.

Owning a prime piece of “internet real estate” can bring tons of customers to your door. Having your website appear on the first page of search results is where businesses NEED TO BE in the current marketing game. I can get you there.

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